Pause for a Moment

The world is clearly a challenging place now, given the political and economic climate, our pandemic, and issues of racial adversity. And I began to observe that some of the resulting negativity was finding its way into my canvases. 

After much thought, it occurred to me that I both needed and wanted to change my perspective. Not to ignore these issues, by any means, but to create a place of solace. A pause of sorts. And with that realization, I began creating a new body of work entitled “Pause for a Moment.”

I observed, both internally and externally, the beauty and positivity that, despite all of the present challenges, were also present. It was only mine for the taking, and wasn’t that difficult to find, once I looked for it. I merely looked around and through the chaos, and painted “the other side”. 

This work thus reflects the other side of these heavy times, and creates a sense of renewal for me, and I hope for others who might seek relief.