Reverence and Wonder

Over the years, figurative work has played an important part in my work. I have a love for the figure; of capturing the emotional qualities in each of my subjects. But at this time in my life, the genre of conceptual work has become very important to me.

For several years now, I have wanted to express my experiences of reverence and wonder in a two-dimensional form. As a musician, I was able to do so through performance on the piano and in song. And now, as a painter, I thought it a particularly appropriate time to put these and similar emotional feelings on canvas.

The world is indeed a challenging place, most especially during this time of the pandemic, political upheaval and racial adversity.

And yet it was a clear and specific choice of mine to express, in parallel with the sadness and grief, a certain wonderment that I still felt about the world. To express feelings of awe. To revere hallowed ground. To honor the dead, and those who gave their lives for this Country.

This new body of work speaks to the honor of men; it speaks to those who have a moral compass; it looks to the constancy of a constellation.

And so I present these pieces for your reflection.